Lara Logan Suggests China, Iran and Possibly Russia are Funding Antifa Protestors


In light of Attorney General William Barr’s statement that foreign actors have hijacked the civil unrest that has followed the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, Fox Nation host Lara Logan told Fox & Friends that Barr was referencing China, Iran, and possibly Russia.

Attorney General Barr proclaimed evidence that Antifa is behind some of the recent violence in a recent statement, though there is reporting that the FBI had found no formal Antifa involvement.

After running a clip of AG Barr, Steve Doocy noted on Friday that “This as a new report claims Antifa planning antigovernment insurgency for months.”

He then followed with”one of the other things that Bill Barr mentioned was they have evidence that certain foreign actors have hijacked the protests as well for their own agenda,” before asking Logan if she has any idea who those certain foreign actors might be.

“I have been open to various sources and counter-terrorism sources and other threats throughout the law enforcement community,” Logan noted, adding “and the obvious suspect that they point to are China and, of course, Iran as well. And some of them Russia, too.”

“And I also spoke to a world leader on a long way from here, I won’t say who. And even from across the world they are hearing that America is really tearing itself apart from within,” added Logan. “And they see this as a moment of strategic opportunity.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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