Mediaite’s Colby Hall Says Biden Team’s Anti-Giuliani Campaign ‘Backfired’: It ‘Made Him More Newsworthy’


Mediaite founding editor Colby Hall appeared on Fox News to talk about his op-ed on media coverage of President Donald Trump’s potential impeachment, warning the media to watch its tone on impeachment.

Hall’s opinion piece argued “impeachment proceedings on a sitting U. S. president is a gravely sober affair, and not the time for barely-hidden smiles and swallowed guffaws. The nation of cable news viewers needs leadership from the media on how to see this less as a partisan game, and instead of a very serious affair in which everyone has lost something.”

“You do realize much of the media, the mainstream media, has written a lot of negativity about this president,” Harris Faulkner told Hall on Outnumbered Overtime Monday afternoon.

“I think there’s a big difference about writing negativity and the tone in which it’s written,” Hall said. “As I’ve said, it’s not the time for us to celebrate and exhibit schadenfreude. It’s now a time to see that we are the United States.”

Faulkner also spoke with Hall about Saturday Night Live’s cold open mocking Trump and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign seeking to get Rudy Giuliani barred from appearing on news networks.

“I think there’s reason to hold Rudy Giuliani to account,” Hall said about the Giuliani-Biden dispute. “A lot of people say he’s not necessarily helping the president with what he’s saying live on television. However, that call to not book him, made him more newsworthy. It sort of backfired in some regards.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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