Meghan McCain Gets Testy With Whoopi Goldberg During Abortion Debate: ‘I Don’t Get to Talk?

There was some friction between Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg on Monday when the former seemed to get irritated with the moderator for not giving her a chance to speak.

The moment came as The View talked about what people will do if Planned Parenthood and similar agencies are forced to close their doors because of all the anti-abortion efforts being pushed around the country lately. As Whoopi Goldberg moved to close out the segment, McCain asked if she was not being given a chance to speak before the end.

“I don’t get to talk?” McCain asked. “Just wondering if I can say something.”

Goldberg stopped her by saying, “Here’s the deal…I let you all talk and I said nothing.” Goldberg said they had to go to a commercial break, but told McCain “if there’s more to say, if you want to say more, we’ll come back and say more.”

“It’s fine,” an exasperated McCain answered, so Goldberg threw to commercial. After the break, the discussion shifted to another topic.

The brief but testy spat comes shortly after McCain smacked down a report claiming she was in bitter feuds with her panel colleagues, which was causing a lot of turmoil on The View. McCain seemed to refer to that report as “fake news” and referred to her liberal foil Joy Behar as her “favorite sparing partner.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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