Michelle Wolf Mocks TV News for Having ‘The Drama and Substance’ of a ‘Real Housewives Wine Fight’


Michelle Wolf‘s controversial performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner raised ire and made headlines. Now, the comedienne has a new Netflix show and she has made it clear she has no intentions of holding back or letting the media know what she thinks of their 24/7 coverage and ratings-grabbing drama.

In a video from her show The Break posted online today, Wolf blasted cable news for their dramatic makeover from the days when Walter Cronkite would simply state things like “The President has been shot.”

“News got a sexy glow-up,” she said, adding it now has  “all the drama and substance and Botox of a Real Housewives wine fight.”

Then, she showed some examples of Don Lemon and his repeat guest, pro-Trumper Steve Cortes.

“As a fan, I just love this kind of TV magic,” Wolf opined. “Watching the host act like the guest forced his way into the studio is so compelling you almost forget he was invited on – and paid. Good job Don! You knew Steve was going to lie and you gave us a fun clip to share and that’s exactly why you invite him back all the time!”

She then showed another example of a CNN host facing off with Trump administration official Stephen Miller.

After a contentious interview, Jake Tapper finally cut Miller off, but only after he went on and on.

“Wow, Jake, you really snatched his wig!” Wolf said, responding to the clip, that indeed, was widely shared. “You brought him on your show and bravely cut his mic after 12 minutes.”

She then added: “I haven’t seen a feud this saucy since Bette and Joan, except, in this case, Bette invited Joan over and Joan is a Nazi. This is one show you’ll want to binge and purge!”

It wasn’t all CNN she was snarking on, however. She also showed a clip of Meet the Press‘s Chuck Todd‘s response to frequent guest Kellyanne Conway‘s tirade du jour.

Instead of responding, Todd, who has repeatedly had Conway on the show, simply moved on.

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