Morning Joe Blasts Trump Jr.: Astounding ‘Level of Ignorance and Duplicity’


Morning Joe spent their Friday examining the news about how Donald Trump Jr. met another person with links to Kremlin intelligence on the day he met with a Russian lawyer.

Earlier today, NBC dropped an exclusive report about Natalia Veselnitskaya‘s companion who accompanied her as she spoke to President Trump‘s son and his campaign staff. While the name has not been released, the individual was described as a Russian-American lobbyist who was previously involved with the Soviet military and counter-intelligence communities.

As the panel examined the news, Mike Barnicle tore into the Trump scion for what he viewed as an inadequate, delayed attempt of transparency.

“The level of ignorance and duplicity I find truly astounding,” said Barnicle. “He does it and continues to talk about the e-mails and the meeting knowing there was a fifth person there, and never getting to the fifth person, never getting that out. I mean, it’s astounding.”

As the discussion continued, Donny Deutsch noted that there was a commonality among those in Trump’s orbit who failed to disclose their interactions with Russian officials.

“One thing we have to just say is a constant here, and it’s lies or lies and omissions when it comes to Russians,” said Deutsch. “Whether its Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner, Don Trump jr., that is the one constant: dishonesty, and omission, and lack of complete transparency.”

The discussion went on to talk about new questions the development will raise with regard to Russian election interference, and whether people in Trump’s inner circle were willing to go along with it.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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