Morning Joe Frets Over Trump’s Ominous ‘Calm Before The Storm’ Remark: ‘This is Policy as Game Show’

As the nation recovers from Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, a humanitarian crisis continues to roil Puerto Rico, and tensions escalate between Washington and North Korea, President Donald Trump issued an ominous remark from the White House Thursday night, declaring a photo op with military leaders “the calm before the storm.”

When asked by a reporter what that meant, Trump only replied “we’ll see.”

And on Friday, Morning Joe was pretty shook. The Washington Post’s David Ignatius called the comment “saber rattling…intended to disrupt, create anxiety about what Trump might do,” noting the U.S. is set to make policy announcements about Iran this week.

“When you gather your military leaders and make remarks like that, that’s a signal,” he continued. “It’s very deliberate. It’s intended to put our adversaries on notice that we’re prepared to be tough.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough seemed more concerned by the comments, claiming they “make people nervous inside the Pentagon more than anywhere.”

“This is policy as game show,” the New York Times’ Nick Confessore said. “The president likes to create some anticipation for his cliff hangers. It’s a little different to do it when military action is at stake.”

“And, look, if he’s creating some worry for our enemies, he’s creating some worry for our allies and frankly for people like me,” Confessore continued. “I prefer to have a little short tea on these decisions than have it dangled at a press conference like this.”

Donny Deutsche theorized that “the lifeblood of Trump” is that “if there is not some chaos created, he’s not alive.”

“There is a tourettes, of a need, when things are like this, to just ruffle the papers,” Deutsche said. “I mean, what was that in there?”

Ignatius concluded the segment by discussing the various measures Washington is looking to take against Iran and North Korea.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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