MSNBCs’ Jonathan Capehart Claims Trump Violated Hippocratic Oath on Climate Change


Washington Post opinion writer and MSNBC Sunday host Jonathan Capehart claimed on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump violated the Hippocratic Oath when it came to the issue of climate change.

In a segment about climate change on Andrea Mitchell Reports, amid massive flooding in Germany, presidential historian Jon Meacham mentioned that the word “crisis” is a Greek word from Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

In teeing up Capehart, host Andrea Mitchell noted that there were members of Trump’s Cabinet who were corporate lobbyists for or corporate leaders in the fossil fuel industry, with EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler as an example of the former.

“Jon mentioned Hippocrates. And we know the Hippocratic Oath. And the Hippocratic Oath is first do no harm,” said Capehart. “And by those appointments by Donald Trump, he did harm not only to the planet but to the United States ability to do something about climate change.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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