MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Joe Scarborough Scold 2020 Dems For Attacking Obama More Than Trump


In CNN’s second night of the Democratic primary debates, candidates noticeably took on, and to an extent took down, policies that were put in place under President Barack Obama. MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Joe Scarborough weren’t too keen on that.

It was a noticeable enough dynamic that a lot of people remarked about it on Twitter, including former Obama administration attorney general Eric Holder, who warned that the candidates should be “wary” of that course.

Scarborough kicked it off with a tweet, while the debate was still underway, saying that the candidates were attacking Obama’s policy positions more than they were attacking Trump. He called it “stupid and crazy.” He asked what planet they are from.

Later he hit them again, saying it’s “not that hard.”

On air after the debate, MSNBC anchor Brian Williams asked Joy Reid about it, and she agreed.

“It was weird for me to watch about 40, almost 40 minutes of primarily attacks on the Obama administration’s policies,” she said. She added that it took all the way “until Cory Booker finally said, mentioned Donald Trump you finally had a couple of candidates realize that they also needed to mention it is Donald Trump that is trying to take away the healthcare of thirty million people who got it from Obamacare.”

“So it was an odd strategy to me,” said Reid. “It’s almost as if the debate forgot who is president.”

On Twitter, Scarborough also brought up the attacks on Biden, most notably from Booker and Harris, as being essentially attacks on Obama as well.

Williams and Reid did not address that tweet.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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