NBC’s Welker Grills Kellyanne Conway: Does Trump Think Impeachment is Likely?


Kellyanne Conway was pressed on Wednesday when asked if the White House is expecting impeachment as President Donald Trump’s administration continues to resist congressional subpoenas.

In an interview with Kristen Welker for MSNBC, Conway defended the Trump Administration’s withholding of privileged documents while claiming that Robert Mueller found “no collusion in his investigative report. She also panned the special counsel for his comments on exoneration and blasted the idea of further investigations on Trump in the name of congressional oversight.

Welker focused her questions on whether Conway was confirming that the White House will speak to the Justice Department about which documents they’ll withhold under executive privilege.” When Conway refused to confirm, Welker drilled further by asking, “the White House will intervene if they feel some of those documents are protected by privilege, correct?”

“Certainly, if they do,” Conway answered before knocking the investigation again and saying the White House has “nothing to hide” after everything they’ve turned over already. From there, Welker asked, “bottom line, when you look at all these developments on Capitol Hill…does the president think impeachment is more likely?”

“He has not said that. We hardly discuss it,” Conway answered. “We just cannot believe that there is so much pressure, more pressure on Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, who has gotten nothing done as leader over 100 days on the job. We can’t believe is more pressure to get impeachment done than infrastructure.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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