Nicolle Wallace and Panel Blast GOP for Defending Trump Over McRaven: ‘We Should Never Accept’ This


On Monday, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace raked the Republican Party across the coals after the GOP Twitter account more-or-less endorsed President Trump‘s feud with former Admiral Bill McRaven.

As Trump continues to slam McRaven for taking too long to orchestrate Osama Bin Laden‘s elimination, the GOP released a tweet hours ago that justified the insults because the admiral has “been critical” of the president. That tweet has come under a great deal of scruinty in the last few hours, and Wallace and her panel showed no mercy.

The conversation began when former Republican congressman David Jolly called Trump “a man without honor” and recalled POTUS’ history of feuding with military heroes. Jolly was disheartened as he acknowledged how Trump’s supporters will probably disregard his quarrel with McRaven as they have with the president’s other transgressions.

“We have come to expect this from Donald Trump. We should never accept it, but we have come to expect it. We should not expect it, nor accept it from his supporters and from Republicans at large. That is probably the most heartbreaking moment of all this is that, as a nation, we truly have a political party that gets the president’s back in moments of dishonor like we’re seeing from him today.”

Wallace opened the floor to get her panel’s reaction to Trump’s “smears,” which prompted Zerlina Maxwell to remark that the GOP cannot claim to be pro-military if they’re going to go along with Trump’s attacks instead of demanding an apology.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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