Ohio Sen. Nina Turner On Voting In Her State: ‘Jim Crow Has Been Resurrected’

On Tuesday, CNN’s Deborah Feyerick invited Ohio State Senator Nina Turner onto the show, where she shared that “it’s tragic that in the 21st century, 2012, we have voter suppression going on.”

“You know,” she added, “Jim Crow has been resurrected, making repeat performances in the South and has packed his bags and moved north, in Ohio in particular. ”

“It’s not by accident, Deb, that Democrats in Republican-leaning counties get it,” she later explained. “Democrats have been consistent in terms of us extending the franchise for the citizens of the state.” But in more urban counties, she said, “the Republicans on those boards have voted to suppress the vote.”

“You see very, very clearly that in Republican-leaning counties the vote has been extended,” she added. “And in Democratic-leaning counties, the vote has been suppressed. Even Ray Charles could see what’s going on here: flat-out voter suppression in Democratic areas and also areas that are predominantly African-American.”

“Nobody should have to beg to vote,” Tuner concluded.

Have a look, via CNN:

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