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Pompeo Smirks When Asked If North Korea Executed Negotiators: Kim Can Make His Own Decisions

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cracked a smile when asked about reports that North Korea executed four officials following the unsuccessful summit in Hanoi between President Donald Trump and dictator Kim Jong Un.

On ABC News Sunday show This Week, guest anchor Jonathan Karl posed the question: “There were reports out of the region that after the Hanoi summit several of the people that you were negotiating with, that were part of that negotiating team at Hanoi were executed. Do we believe those reports are accurate?”

“I don’t have anything to add to that for you this morning,” Pompeo replied.

“But there seems to have been some kind of a shakeup of his team over there?” Karl pressed.

“It does appear that the next time we have serious conversations that my counterpart will be someone else,” Pompeo said. “But we don’t know that for sure, just as President Trump gets to decide who his negotiators will be, Chairman Kim will get to make his own decisions who he asks to have these conversations,” he added, cracking a smile.

Pompeo’s reaction to the question was called out by George Conway, husband of Trump aide Kellyanne Conway.

Watch above, via ABC News.

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