Rand Paul on Budgetary Talks: ‘When the Republicans Are in Charge, There’s No Conservative Party’


Here we are again, staring down another government shutdown if Democrats and Republicans cannot come together to pass some kind of budget bill by midnight.

The deal making its way through the government, which may or may not find the votes to pass, is not making Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) very happy. He told Neil Cavuto that it would increase the debt and create a burden, down the line, for Americans.

“I’m not advocating for shutting down the government,” he said. “I’m also not advocating for keeping the damned thing open and borrowing a million dollars a minute. This is reckless spending that is out of control.”

He placed the blame for the bill, however, on Republicans, who, in his mind, turn off their conservatism the moment they get elected.

“When the Republicans are in charge, there’s no conservative party,” he said. “A lot of so-called conservatives lose their mind once it becomes a partisan thing and they say ‘oh, we must govern now.'”

Paul continued to pile on Republicans for their support of the spending bill in order to avert a looming government shutdown.

“Nobody wants to have it pointed out what an eyesore this deal is and how obnoxious it is to conservatives,” he said.

The senator continued, “There has to be some conservatives left. What happened to the idea of being a fiscal conservative? Where are they? Have we given up on it because Republicans are in charge? We promised the people who gave us money and voted for us that we were gonna be the adults, that we were gonna try to spend less money and balance budgets, and then once people put us in charge, and I hear from them all of the time, people say ‘What happened? Where are the conservatives we thought we were electing?'”

Paul told Cavuto that he talked to President Donald Trump about his misgivings this afternoon, saying they “had a good conversation.” Paul, however, did not note where Trump stands on the issue, saying he simply “wants a resolution.”

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