Report: Washington Monument is ‘Tilting’ As A Result Of The Earthquake (Updated)

Fox News has taken to the earthquaken streets of DC, where they met to two officers and are now reporting that the Washington Monument may in fact be in danger. A District police officer told the Fox producer that, “They are concerned the Washington Monument might be tilting.”

Additionally, a Department of Justice officer seemed to be telling people to stay out of the DC Metro for fear of aftershocks after this afternoon’s earthquake — the largest ever recorded in Washington DC.

We’ll keep you updated on the state of all monuments, post-earthquake, as we hear.

Concerned Fox News report below:

From the Washington Post:

The National Park Service says the Washington Monument may have suffered cracks near its top during Tuesday’s earthquake, and the monument could be closed indefinitely.

Park service spokesman Bill Line said there appear to be cracks “at the very, very top” of the 555-foot tall structure, and structural engineers were being brought in Wednesday to conduct a close inspection.

Meanwhile, the historic stone obelisk at the center of the Mall, south of the White House, will remain closed, and “could be closed for an indefinite period of time,” he said.

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