Rich Iott Does His Best To Put His Nazi Uniform Back In Pandora’s Box During CNN Interview

Dressing up like a Nazi is probably the third stupidest thing someone can do (for those interested, the second stupidest is having your teenaged son dress up like a Nazi and the most stupid is then allowing people to take your picture) but there’s something so hopeless about Rich Iott’s situation that you almost (almost) feel bad for him. There’s just no coming back from Nazi pictures. Still, in his interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, Iott did about as well as he could in the circumstance but it’s kind of like watching a man give an interview while his house burns down behind him. He can speak as calmly as he wants, but we can see that those walls just aren’t going back up.

Iott stuck to the only real ammunition he has, stressing that he’s a history buff and reminding people that he’s reenacted all sorts of armies and wars in the past, but you could see his face fall a little every time Baldwin brought it back to his son or asked him again what he could be thinking. Just like Christine O’Donnell’s “I’m Not a Witch” ad, you know there’s something wrong when you have to go on television and promise people you don’t love Nazis.

However, Iott wasn’t on the defensive the entire time. He also hit back at Eric Cantor for the representative’s harsh words from over the weekend. When asked about the comments, Iott branded Cantor a “career politician” and accused him of “reacting before he had all the facts.”

It’s a nice try but, as hated a term as “career politician” has become in this country, it’s probably never going to sound as bad as “Nazi sympathiser.”

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