Scarborough: Journalists Claiming ‘Kavanaugh is a Rapist’ Should Have ‘D’ By Their Name


Embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sat with his wife for an interview yesterday with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum and provided a full-throated defense of the sexual misconduct allegations that have arisen in the past week. But instead of bringing clarity to the deeply partisan confirmation process, the interview appears to have only reinforced the positions on both sides.

On one hand, it appears that Republican senators like Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham appear to be brazenly talking about proceeding with Kavanaugh’s confirmation regardless of what is revealed in a scheduled Thursday testimony by Dr. Christine Ford. And Democratic Senators such as Mazie Hirono and Kristen Gillibrand are speaking as though Kavanaugh is guilty of the allegations simply because there are allegations.

The lack of due process in the assessment of Kavanaugh’s character and moral rectitude has vexed the set of Morning Joe. But it was the frustration brought towards cable news coverage that upset Joe Scarborough.

After Mika Brzezinski pledged that Morning Joe would be a “smear free zone” (and promising to evict from the studio anyone that spears Dr. Ford, Ms. Ramirez or Brett Kavanaugh), Scarborough turned his ire towards the media.

“We’ve been harshly critical of Fox News for being in the tank and state television” he opened, adding “what we’ve seen the last week has made me want to call networks and put a “D” in front of the name of the so-called journalists that have decided that Brett Kavanaugh is a rapist.”

No elected official of any party is actively calling Kavanaugh a “rapist” though there are many Democrats calling for Kavanaugh to not be confirmed because of allegations.

But the larger point? It’s not just our elected officials that are representing deeply established tribalism, but its cable news reporters and “so-called journalists” that are doing the same. Skeptics may see Scarborough’s point as banal, but we live in an era where the obvious still needs to be stated.

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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