Scarborough Rips Supporters Who Cheer Trump’s Lies: ‘Who Raised Them? What Church Did They Go To?’


Joe Scarborough thinks it’s time the media shifted focus from President Donald Trump’s alleged tendency for mendacity to the adoring reaction the Commander in Chief receives for his hyperbolic trolling by supporters who attend his rallies.

Morning Joe opened with a segment that is best described by the chyron that read “Trump’s Challenge With The Truth,” but after Jon Meacham soberly explained how Trump has consistently been rewarded by his fudging of the facts, Scarborough turned his attention to the Trump rally crowds.

“We’ve been focused so much on Donald Trump,” he opened, adding “I have to say I think it’s time to start focusing on the people behind him who were applauding at lines that they know are lies.”

“Donald Trump states an obvious lie and people cheer at it like it’s a punch line or like it’s a touchdown being scored when he’s lying when he is not telling the truth and they’re laughing about it and cheering about it,”

Scarborough then dismissed this question of  Trump because as he said “well, is he just — is he incompetent? Is he evil?”

After a number of “low lights” from Trump speeches (including the recent lauding of Rep. Gianforte’s assaulting of a reporter) and asked “Who raised them? What church did they go to growing up? Do they still go to church every week? Do they go to church on Sundays and then Mondays they applaud somebody beating up the press for asking a question about healthcare reform? ”

President Trump has consistently been criticized for taking liberties with the truth, especially during political rallies. His supporters might argue that it’s just this just his oratorical flourish built on hyperbole, while critics see something more sinister at play.

In the eyes of Scarborough, it’s long past time that it’s not just Trump that should be held to account, but his supporters as well.

Watch the segment above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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