Sean Duffy Blasted for ‘Reprehensible’ ‘Smear’ of Lt. Col. Vindman Loyalty: ‘Utterly Disgusting’


Former Republican congressman-turned-CNN contributor Sean Duffy is getting slammed for using Alexander Vindman’s heritage in order to smear his upcoming testimony for the congressional impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

Duffy had a contentious engagement with John Berman and Charlie Dent on Tuesday as they talked about how Vindman plans to express his concerns about Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine into investigating his political opponents. Duffy repeatedly tried to diminish Vindman over his “affinity” for Ukraine, even as Berman pressed him on why does it matter where Vindeman immigrated from given his history of service to America.

Highlighting Vindman’s Ukrainian decent seems to be the counterstrategy of Trump’s allies, seeing as Duffy’s remarks came shortly after Fox News host Laura Ingraham and John Yoo entertained the notion that Vindman is committing treasonous “espionage.” In any event, Duffy’s remarks have drawn the attention of the Twitterverse, and they’re being met with major disapproval:

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