Seb Gorka Mocks ‘Clown’ Dennis Rodman For Attending North Korea Summit: He’s a ‘Glory Hound’


Seb Gorka fired White House aide, pro-Trump shill, and proud owner of a toy Mustang — mocked “clown” Dennis Rodman after the former NBA star stated that might attend the President Donald Trump’s Singapore summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

While Rodman has not made any definitive “plans or flights” yet, the five-time NBA Finals champion said he is “considering” going — in light of his history traveling to North Korea in the past and his odd relationship with Kim.

However, Gorka was not having any of it. He tore into Rodman on Fox Business this morning after host Stuart Varney mentioned the news.

“He’s just a glory hound, he’s a publicity seeker. I mean who cares, really?” Gorka said. “Yeah, I don’t think he’ll be getting a lot of photo opportunities at the summit table. This is a man that celebrated the regime as a guest of that regime repeatedly.”

He went on to describe Rodman as a “clown who is just looking for more publicity.”

Of course, the irony in Gorka’s statement is that all those same terms — “glory hound,” “publicity seeker,” and “clown” — can be perfectly used to describe Gorka himself, as the former White House aide touts a highly questionable, “snake oil” P.h.D and spent his time in the administration as an “adviser” who just did a lot of cable news appearances and apparently no actual advising. He was smart enough, however, to parlay those cable news appearances while at the White House into a Fox News gig with a big fancy “national security analyst” chyron, despite his P.h.D adviser disputing his qualifications in that field.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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