Somehow, Fox Rejected A Super Bowl Ad

Last year, an ad for – a gay dating site – was rejected by CBS in its bid to run during the Super Bowl. The resulting backlash from those claiming CBS’ decision was homophobic caused at least one Mediaite editor to wonder whether the ad was itself anti-gay for exploiting sympathies for gay couples in its bid to cause controversy and, thus, gain publicity for an ad aimed at men “on the down low.”

This year, the rejected ad beginning to cause buzz is for a site called, innocently and innocuously, Fox, which will air the Super Bowl this year, called the ad “unacceptable.” The site sells merchandise like mugs and T-shirts poking fun at the President and his policies and informs visitors that while they don’t actually believe Jesus hates Obama, they do believe in “the freedom to make fun of the Obama Administration with novelty T-shirts.”

Who knows if their merchandise will be as ubiquitous as the “Good Bush, Bad Bush” T-shirts we used to see across the chest of many an inebriated frat boy, but: We didn’t know of this site yesterday, and now we do. So: Win!

Check out the ad for yourselves:

h/t The Blaze

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