Stephen Colbert Brutally Mocks Trump For Getting Fired ‘While You’re Getting Fired’: ‘Pure Dereliction of Duty’


Stephen Colbert revelled in President Donald Trump’s historic second impeachment on Wednesday’s The Late Show, mocking him for getting fired while getting fired.

The host first addressed the hundreds of National Guard troops forced to sleep throughout the Capitol building to protect representatives as they voted on whether or not to impeach the president.

Colbert noted this was the first time troops had to sleep in the building to protect the legislature since the Civil War in 1861.

“Yes, your bodies, and your bravery, and your service are the primary defense against a raging mob of homicidal yahoos,” he said addressing the troops  — noting that some of the very people they were deployed to protect could have been involved in the attack.

The host then went on to address the big event of the day: Trump’s impeachment. 

“I feel like I just took down my decorations from the last impeachment,” Colbert joked before introducing the reboot of his “Don and the Giant Impeach” segment.

Colbert quipped that Trump “loves having seconds,” adding that “also he’s a traitor” with an “appetite for the destruction of our institutions.”

The host gave a rundown of the impeachment vote, reminding viewers it came just one week before he was meant to leave office anyway.

“That is a pure dereliction of duty,” Colbert said. “That’s like your doctor yanking out your IV or a lifeguard drowning your grandpa or the host of your book club failing to buy box wine.”

“Do you know how bad of a job you have to be doing to get fired while you’re getting fired?” Colbert added before mimicking that exact scenario:

“I’m sorry, Mark, it’s just not working out. We appreciate everything you’ve done for the company, and — you’re building a gallows to hang me? Ok, there goes your severance, buddy!”

The host later addressed claims that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) will support impeachment, joking that he’s finally found a spine.

“McConnell’s apparent support for impeachment gives cover for others, meaning a dozen Republican senators — and possibly more — could ultimately vote to convict the president. Yes, at least a dozen, and possibly more, if there’s a sale at Bob’s Spine Barn.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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