Colbert Mocks Fox News for Being ‘Dominated’ By Bernie: ‘Just Remember the Safe Word’


Late night host Stephen Colbert had some fun with Independent Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and Fox News, kidding Sanders about his newfound wealth and mocking Trump’s favorite news network for being “dominated” by Sanders during a town hall event.

On Tuesday night’s edition of CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert joked about Sanders’ recently-released tax returns, which reveal that Sanders became a millionaire following his 2016 presidential campaign. Colbert did his impression of Sanders’ “slightly modified rhetoric on the campaign trail.”

“The top 1% in this country has as much wealth as the bottom 90%,” Colbert said with his best Sanders voice. “And I’m crotch deep in ducats — dollar, dollar bills, y’all. I will make it rain up in this be-yotch.”

He also promoted Sanders’ next book, “$ociali$m: Your way to the top 1%! How you can go from Burlington to big bucks in five easy decades!”

Then, Colbert moved on the the Fox News town hall, noting that according to Politico, Sanders “not only survived the hour-long encounter, but often dominated.”

“Pro tip,” Colbert said. “If you’re ever being dominated by Bernie, just remember the safe word: ‘White fish salad.'”

He then recounted what he said was one of Sanders’ best moments, when anchor Bret Baier polled the audience on whether they’d be willing to transition from their own private insurance onto a Medicare for All plan. The audience was nearly unanimous in favoring Sanders’ proposal.

“Given Bernie’s success at last night’s town hall, Fox may need to rethink their position on capitalism,” Colbert said. “So look out for the latest Fox News anchors, Tucker Karls-marx and Sean Hann-archy.”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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