Stranded! Stuck Six Hours On The A-Train, And Other Tales Of Blizzard Woe

On ABC’s Good Morning America, the anchors–forced into an icy, deserted Times Square by heartless GMA producers–offered stories of people who had it even worse than they did, like the 60 people who spent the night in their cars on a snow-covered highway in New Jersey, or the folks stuck on an A train for six hours, which is about five hours and 45 minutes longer than you’d ever want to be on that train. No heat, no access to a bathroom, and no idea when they’ll get rescued. (And for a topper, according to ABC station WABC, some of the people stranded were riding the subway from the airport, which was a blizzardisaster, of course)

The New York Daily News reports the scene on the train is nothing short of pure misery, even though a subway station’s within eyesight:

“This train is completely dead,” the conductor announced at one point.

The Manhattan-bound subway, filled with passengers from Kennedy Airport who already had waited hours for flights that were ultimately canceled, came to an abrupt halt between the Aqueduct and Rockaway Blvd. stations. The train has since been moved to Aqueduct station, but the passengers have not been let out despite the desperate need for bathrooms, water and food.

Watch the story here, from ABC:

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