The Best And Worst Reactions To The Supreme Court’s Historic Marriage Equality Rulings

On the last day of the term, the Supreme Court handed down two decisions that have will have a major impact on the lives of millions of LGBT Americans. In the broader of the two rulings, the Court deemed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, granting same-sex marriage couples federal benefits. The Court declined to make a broad ruling from the Prop 8 case, which means gay marriage won’t be legalized immediately across the country, but it does pave the way for marriage equality to return in the country’s most populous state, and my home base, California.

Whenever big, divisive news like this breaks, public figures on both sides of the issue do not hesitate to share their opinions. Champions of marriage equality began celebrating immediately on Twitter and shortly after on live television. While it’s notable that the majority of prominent conservative voices have been silent this morning, a handful have been boldly speaking out against the Supreme Court and the principles of equality.

Below are the best and worst reactions on today’s historic rulings.

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