The Daily Show Brutally Mocks Trump’s Verbal Gaffes in ‘Best Words Bracket Edition’ Montage


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah put together a brutal montage of President Donald Trump’s numerous verbal gaffes and public “misspeakings” Tuesday, which they presented as a “Best Words Bracket Edition.”

The video was presented with a caption that read “Everyone knows Donald Trump has the best words, but now it’s time for words like “mishiz,” “heroilynn” and “Rusher” to go head-to-head to see which one reigns supreme.”

In the event that the March Madness connection was lost on anyone, the video clips were presented with a music bed that was straight ripped off from CBS Sports’ seasonal classic One Shining Moment (or perhaps it was a stunning sound-alike to avoid copyright infringement?)

The Trump campaign has been all-in on mocking the occasional verbal gaffes made by  Joe Biden, especially now that the former Vice President is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. But as Joe Scarborough noted Wednesday morning, Trump’s mocking Biden mispronouncing of words is like the “pot calling the kettle black.”

Watch above via Comedy Central.

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