This Happened: Lawrence O’Donnell Talks At Great Length About How ‘Morbidly Obese’ Rush Limbaugh Is

Before his show aired on Wednesday night, Lawrence O’Donnell let his Twitter followers know he would be talking about Rush Limbaugh‘s weight and challenged them to give him one good reason not to. No one was, apparently, able to assuage O’Donnell, as he used the Rewrite segment of his show to basically go on at some length about how fat Limbaugh is and how he’s in no position to lecture Michelle Obama‘s healthy eating initative because he’s a big fat fatso (I’m paraphrasing, of course).

O’Donnell touted the success of Let’s Move! with a report showing obesity rates dropping for the first time in a while, but sarcastically remarked, “Obama haters, of course, have been unimpressed.” He attempted to explain why Limbaugh is “in no position to… you know… if you know what I mean,” before just coming out and saying it: “Rush is a morbidly obese guy.”

He listened to Limbaugh mock the Obamas for eating ribs while telling the rest of the country to eat healthy, describing it “as if some Rush hater slipped in this script to humiliate him.” He referred to Limbaugh as the “most morbidly obese commentator in the history of politics” who is engaging in a baseless “lie… in order to attack her.”

But mostly the fat thing. Seriously, no one had a compelling enough reason to stop him from talking about this?

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:


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