‘This is Republican Blindness on Display for The Five Audience!’: Fox’s Juan Williams Scolds His Colleagues in Fiery Debate

Fox News’ Juan Williams clashed with his co-hosts on The Five today as the impeachment debate in the House continued, saying at one point they’re engaging in “Republican blindness.”

As Williams and Jesse Watters went back and forth arguing about the polls, Watters said he’s not being honest with their audience about where the numbers are trending. Williams said to the audience, “What you hear from my colleagues here is a request for you, the audience, to one, not treat it as a historic thing, even though it’s just the third U.S. President who is going to be impeached. Secondly, ignore it. ‘It’s the Democrats, oh, they’re so wrong… It’s the media!'”

“The Democrats made this history! Donald Trump made a phone call!” Watters shot back.

Williams said there’s a “clear case of abuse of power,” but Watters said Trump will win reelection and have a huge mandate when he does.

At one point, Gutfeld said that the 2010s are “the greatest decade in the history of the world” before arguing, “The custodian of that economy in a time where we are seeing reductions in disease, increase in income, is being impeached. In the best year, in the best economy, in the best decade of the world, the Democrats want to get the custodian out of the job.”

“Every decade we have experienced has been better than the last, Greg,” Watters responded, adding his analysis ignores what Barack Obama did.

Gutfeld said Democrats are trying to impeach Trump based on “future actions” because “they couldn’t find the crime.”

Watters and Williams clashed again a bit later, with Williams bringing up Rudy Giuliani’s continued travels to Ukraine.

“Biden can do whatever he wants overseas and we can’t know about it?” Watters asked.

“Oh, get out of here!” Williams responded. “Joe Biden has his lawyer overseas?”

He added, “This is Republican blindness on display for the Five audience.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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