Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale on CNN: Just Airing Trump Unfiltered is ‘a Disservice to the Truth’


Speaking with CNN’s S.E. Cupp on Saturday,  the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale suggested that the media put the kibosh on covering President Donald Trump’s rallies during the next election.

“Should the press do anything different in covering this election than it did in 2016 in your opinion?” Cupp asked Dale.

Dale suggested the media should do some things different.

“One, I think, clearly, the rallies should not be televised live unless there’s some exceptional circumstances like he’s responding to a tragedy of some sort,” Dale said.  “Just airing this president unfiltered, I think is a disservice to the truth because these rally speeches and other speeches are so dishonest.”

He continued on: “Independent of that, the media during the substantive part of the presidency and during the campaigning needs to do a better job of challenging the false claims as soon as they are uttered.”

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