Touré Warns Casey Anthony: ‘Karma’s A Dogged Beast With An Elephant’s Memory’

On The Dylan Ratigan Show today, Touré joined the long line of cable news contributors giving his thoughts on the Casey Anthony verdict. However, unlike some of the other segments, Touré’s was pretty calm as he saw the verdict as proof the system works, feeling the Prosecution didn’t put forth enough facts and you can’t convict “on a feeling.” However, don’t let that make you think he’s on Team Casey or anything as he ended his rant with a little warning to the acquitted: Watch out for karma.

“You know the embattled ship of Casey Anthony’s life will founder again. This story’s not over. She’s a troubled person and karma will catch up with her. Many link her to OJ Simpson who, like her, might have gotten away with murder. But he ended up in prison anyway. Karma’s a dogged beast with an elephant’s memory so, Cacey, watch out.”

Touré went on to say that he thought it doubtful that Anthony would end up with a big book or TV deal any time soon as she’s too “radioactive” at the moment.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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