Vaccine Hesitancy Among Fox News Viewers Drops to All-Time Low Following Shift in Coverage: Poll

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Fox News has changed their tune on vaccination coverage in recent days and according to new polling done by the Morning Consult, it has already made a direct impact on their viewers.

If you have noticed a shift in Fox News’ coverage of vaccination recommendations, you are not alone.

Host Sean Hannity recently voiced his opinion on air saying, he believes “in the science of vaccination.” Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy advised his audience that the vaccine, “will save your life.” And on Friday, Fox even went as far to show a graphic that “vaccines work” alongside data in order to encourage viewers to get the jab.

According to the Morning Consult polling numbers, it seems as though these shifts in coverage have already made a dent in the loyal Fox audience.

Vaccine “reluctance fell to an all-time low this week among adults who watch Fox News,” wrote the polling company. The reported findings are as follows, “27 percent of viewers now say they probably or definitely won’t get vaccinated, down from 30 percent the week before and a high of 37 percent in mid-March.

To break down those numbers further, “19% of adults said they won’t get a COVID-19 shot, while 11% said they aren’t sure if they’ll get vaccinated in the future.”

These findings are remarkable with relation to the incredibly recent shift in coverage by the network and it is becoming more clear that effective media strategies in vaccine recommendation may have a legitimate impact on American hesitancy.

Still, while a series of Fox News hosts have spoken out in support of Covid vaccination in recent weeks, several of its most prominent voices — including Tucker Carlson, the most-watched host on the network — have waged a campaign to undermine the vaccines that has frequently included false information.


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