WaPo’s Margaret Sullivan: White Supremacy is ‘Core Tenet’ for Fox Hosts Like Tucker Carlson

The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan heavily criticized Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for claiming white supremacy doesn’t exist, arguing that Carlson is essentially a white supremacist himself.

“Here’s the dictionary definition of white supremacy: The belief that white people are superior to people of other races and therefore should be dominant over them,” Sullivan wrote in a new column Wednesday. “It’s undeniably one of the core tenets of the opinion-mongers at Fox News — and of some portion of its supposedly straight news coverage, too.”

Sullivan pointed toward Carlson’s heavily maligned segment from Tuesday night where he called white supremacy a “hoax.” Carlson has been blasted by many CNN hosts for his comments, earning a rebuke from Don Lemon last night and John Berman this morning.

Carlson’s nightly show does a great deal to portray nonwhites as the dangerous “other,” a force to be beaten back to save America,” Sullivan wrote. “His denials and rhetoric must be called out for the lies that they are.”

“I really don’t know what drives Carlson to be so hate-filled and divisive. Is it all about ginning up ratings by playing to audience prejudices, rage and fear of “replacement” by immigrants?” she continued. “So if Carlson thinks he hasn’t met a single white supremacist, he might want to take a searching look in the mirror.”

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