WATCH: Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway Duke it Out Over Comey in Yet Another Bizarre, Marathon Interview


Here’s yet another installment of CNN’s Chris Cuomo and the White House’s Kellyanne Conway barking at each other over something that probably doesn’t matter at all.

Cuomo knew it. Conway didn’t seem to get the memo. (Puns.)

When discussing James Comey, Kellyanne explained that there was one very important detail about Comey’s friend Dan Richman, to whom Comey gave the memo about his troubling encounters with the president for dissemination to the press, that he had neglected to divulge.

“It’s been revealed that… Daniel Richman was a special government employee at the FBI,” Conway said incredulously. “This guy could come and go as he pleased at the FBI from the summer of 2015 until February of 2017.”

Cuomo was nonplussed. “Relevance?”

After Conway repeated herself about Richman’s “secret” engagement with the FBI several times and Cuomo repeated that he didn’t understand why it mattered. Conway used her teacher voice. “Christopher, you don’t think it’s relevant to the viewing audience that the same person who took the memo from Jim Comey also worked at the FBI previously or during all that time?”

Cuomo answered in the negative and the two went on to discuss President Donald Trump being told that he’s not under investigation, which Conway argued the “rest of the country” ought to have known about, but which Cuomo said is not within the purview of the FBI.

They also discussed Comey’s October announcement being damaging to Hillary Clinton‘s campaign, which Conway disputed.

“I’m not asking you a question, I’m telling you how it is,” Cuomo said.

“That is not an apple nor a banana, that is your opinion,” Conway retorted.

“Please. Everything with you guys is fruit salad,” Cuomo replied exasperatedly. “Apples, bananas, you bring in a kumquat to me half the time.”

Watch their (very) long game of ping-pong above, via CNN.

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