Watch Pauly Shore (Yes, Pauly Shore) Hysterically Reenact Stephen Miller’s CNN Interview

Talk about a Throwback Thursday.

Ever since Stephen Miller has entered the public arena on behalf of the Trump administration, many have mocked the top White House advisor for looking like comedian Pauly Shore.

That observation turned out to be spot on — as the comedian resurfaced to perform an remarkable impersonation of Miller, reenacting the heated CNN interview he did last weekend with Jake Tapper.

“This will not go well,” Shore’s Miller told Tapper at the top of the interview.

“Miller” accused Tapper of “fake news” for only reporting one of President Trump‘s nicknames for Steve Bannon.

“He’s not just ‘Sloppy Steve.’ The president also calls him Rumpy Ralph, Splotchy Sam, Louie Anderson from the show Baskets,” he told Tapper. “There’s several names the president calls him, but you at CNN just report one name because you’re fake news! We all know that! You’re lucky I don’t punch you in the f**king face!”

It didn’t take long for the faux Miller start a one-way shouting match with the CNN anchor.

“I’m not here to answer your dumb questions,” he said. “I’m here to suck Donald Trump’s d**k.”

This isn’t the first time Shore has impersonated Miller. Back in August, he made his debut as the advisor when reenacting the testy debate he had with CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta over the Statue of Liberty.

At the time, Shore explained the secret in nailing the Miller impression:

“Tt’s pretty much one Jew-face to the other Jew-face I can say that, I’m Jewish, it’s okay. Jew-faces – we have a certain look. He’s got a Jew-face, I’ve got a Jew-face, we put them together.”

Watch the clip above, via Funny or Die.

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