comScore Watch Piers Morgan Bathe Trump in His Most Fawning Interview Yet

Watch Piers Morgan Bathe Trump in His Most Fawning Interview Yet


Piers Morgan‘s Air Force 1 interview with President Donald Trump… and it’s just as fawning as the last one he got pilloried for.

Morgan has come a long way since he battled it out with right-wingers on his short-lived CNN show. Now back in England hosting morning program Good Morning Britain, the host has apparently lost his ability to ask tough questions.

His latest audition for a White House job interview with Trump included some stunningly fluffy softballs, despite covering everything from Trump’s child separation policy to negotiations with North Korea.

The interview was held aboard Air Force One, something that greatly delighted Morgan.

“It feels like the most powerful place on earth,” Morgan beamed as he sat on the plane. “Because wherever the president of the United States goes, that is the most powerful place on earth.”

It also came on the heels of Trump’s rocky trip in the U.K., during which he trashed Prime Minister Theresa May over Brexit. Trump declared the trip was “absolutely perfect.”

No time to linger on the absurdity of that characterization, Morgan had questions about Air Force One.

“What’s the coolest thing about this plane?” Morgan asked. “When you first got on it, and you realize this is your plane?”

“I’ve known great planes,” Trump replied. “And I think the coolest thing about this plane is: it’s Air Force One.”

“Do you ever think you at 72, would be the most skilled exponent of Twitter?” Morgan followed up.

Trump boasted about his followers and said Twitter is useful for combatting fake news. Morgan smiled and nodded.

Morgan saved his hard hitting stuff for last, probing Trump about him meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump took the opportunity to fawn over Kim: “He’s very smart, great personality, he’s funny and tough, good negotiator.”

“He’s a ruthless dictator,” Morgan pointed out, coming close to growing a spine.

“Sure he is, but so are others,” Trump equivocated.

Morgan even dared to ask about the protests in London against Trump’s zero tolerance policy that separated child migrants from their families at the border.

“It wasn’t my policy, Obama had a same policy,” Trump said. (That’s a blatant lie: Trump implemented the zero tolerance policy that resulted in the separation of children and parents — he also ended the policy by executive order after a backlash. Morgan didn’t correct him.)

Morgan asked if as a “father of five,” Trump had a moment in which he looked a photos of the children separated from their families and realized the policy was wrong.

Trump gave himself credit for ending the separation policy he implemented in the first place, and voila, interview over.

Watch above, via ITV.

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