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Whoopi Goldberg Hounds Bernie Sanders About Dropping Out: ‘Why Are You Still in the Race?’

The View‘s Whoopi Goldberg hounded Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders about why he hasn’t ended his presidential campaign, interrupting him and repeatedly asking “Why are you still in the race?”

Sanders was the guest on Wednesday’s edition of ABC’s The View, where a clearly impatient Goldberg tried to get Sanders to explain why he’s remaining in the race instead of dropping out to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I’m told that you intend to stay in this race because you believe there is a path to victory. I want to know what that path is,” Goldberg said. “Because this feels a little bit like it did when you didn’t come out when Hillary Clinton was clearly the person folks were going for, so you can explain why you’re still in the race, and what this path is that you see?”

“That’s not quite accurate, I worked as hard as I could to, for Hillary Clinton,” Sanders disagreed.

“But Bernie, just so we’re clear,” Goldberg interrupted. “You worked for Hillary, but it took you a very very long time to hop in, and your people also took a very long time for them to hop in, so when I say that, that’s what I’m talking about.”

“Well I don’t accept that characterization, but the point is…” Sanders began.

“Okay, why are you still in the race?” Goldberg snapped.

“People have a right, last I heard, people in a democracy have a right to vote,” Sanders said. “And they have a right to vote for the agenda that they think can work for America, especially in this very very difficult moment.”

“We are assessing our campaign as a matter of fact, where we want to go forward, but people in a democracy do have a right to vote, and right now in this unprecedented moment in American history, I think we need to have a very serious discussion about how they go forward,” he added, again underscoring that people have the right to vote.

Sanders then talked about focusing on his legislative duties in crafting congressional coronavirus bills, and Goldberg interrupted by saying “But wouldn’t it be smarter for you to continue on that path, to make sure that gets done? As opposed to splitting your time?”

“I’m sitting in my house right now, I’m not holding a rally in Wisconsin because of the nature of campaigns,” Sanders replied, then launched back into his lengthy digression about the coronavirus stimulus, which Goldberg eventually interrupted again.

“So your plan is to stay in, yes? Your plan is to stay…” Goldberg said.

“Well, for the fourth time…” Sanders said.

“You’re assessing it,” Goldberg said, hurrying him along.

“We are assessing it,” Sanders said.

Whoopi Goldberg is correct, Sanders refused to concede the primary in 2016 even after Hillary Clinton had won a majority of delegates, and did not endorse her for another month after that.

Watch the clip above via ABC.

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