Anti-Muslim Trump Supporter Confronts Maggie Haberman Over New York Times Headline in Secretly Recorded Call


Katie Hopkins

Just hours before an anti-immigrant gunman killed 22 people in El Paso, and a few days before President Donald Trump called for unity in the wake of the weekend’s mass shootings, he retweeted infamous anti-Muslim troll Katie Hopkins.

Trump has regularly retweeted Hopkins, a British television personality who gained fame on the U.K. Apprentice before turning to a career of punditry. After losing her column at the Daily Mail — where she compared migrants to “cockroaches” — Hopkins lost her radio show on LBC after calling for a “final solution” in the wake of the Manchester bombing.

She still has a home on Trump’s Twitter feed. New York Times White House correspondent Maggie Haberman decided to profile Hopkins in the wake of the mass shootings and Trump’s latest retweet, writing a piece describing her as “a far-right British commentator who has made denunciations of migrants and Muslims — and defenses of Mr. Trump — a staple of her public discourse.”

Haberman interviewed Hopkins for the story and Hopkins, ever the troll, posted a recording of part of their phone call to Twitter on Wednesday. In the audio, Hopkins repeatedly demands to know why the Times changed their recent headline on Trump’s speech after the shootings. The headline had been widely criticized as lacking in context.

Haberman declined to give an answer to Hopkins, instead referring her to comments from Times executive editor Dean Baquet explaining why the headline was changed.

“Is this for our conversation or are you recording this?” Haberman asks at one point.

“No,” Hopkins replies. “I’m asking because you’ve — I’m just curious how it works in the States.”

Haberman did not respond directly after Hopkins posted the recording, but retweeted a Times colleague who called the move, “A self pwn if there ever was one.”

“Putting aside the fact your recording is boring, you lied when Maggie asked if you were recording, then published it (a criminal offense in the UK),” tweeted Times cybersecurity reporter Nicole Perlroth. “She was gracious in answering your question but clearly you prefer the sound of your own voice.”

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