Clean Up, Aisle Twitter: Trump Tries to Walk Back Comment The U.S. Doesn’t Support Iran Protesters

Mixed messages much?

Speaking during a bilateral meeting with France’s President Emmanuel Macron, President Donald Trump briefly weighed in on the protests in Iran. And he did so in a manner that starkly contradicts with the position his own State Department has taken for weeks.

“Does the United States support these protestors in Iran?” A reporter asked Trump.

“The answer is no,” Trump said. “But I don’t want to comment on that.”

Of course, his no comment featured plenty of comment. And it was comment which represented a full about-face from what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said just yesterday during remarks at the University of Louisville.

“And the protests in Iran itself in 90-plus cities are taking place because the Iranian people are fed up. They see a theocracy that is stealing money. The ayatollah is stealing tens and tens of millions of dollars, putting it in his own pocket, money that should go to provide resources for the Iranian people. And they say enough and they’re demanding these basic rights.

“Our role in all of this is to support freedom wherever we are able to do so, to create transparency so that the world can see. In Iran, the reporting indicates that there are several hundred people who have been killed by the security forces, thousands detained inside of Iran, and to stand up and say that’s not right, these people are simply asking for a basic set of freedoms, and the Iranian leadership – that regime should change in a way that reflects the desires of their own people.”

Roughly 30 minutes after the appearance with Macron, Trump tried to clean up his mess on Twitter:

“The United States of America supports the brave people of Iran who are protesting for their FREEDOM,” he wrote. “We have under the Trump Administration, and always will!”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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