Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Suggests Never Trumpers Use ‘Overheated Rhetoric’ to Land ‘MSNBC Contracts’


Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz weighed in on the current state of Never Trumpers.

Filling in for Laura Ingraham on Thursday night, Pete Hegseth began the segment by examining the remarks made by columnist Max Boot, who he thought before was a “thoughtful guy,” but questioned whether he and other Never Trumpers are “even more hysterical” than Democrats after he claimed that Republicans have “no willingness to uphold the Constitution” under President Donald Trump and called for Democrats to win big in November.

Kurtz acknowledged that folks like Boot, Steve Schmidt, and George Will are “upset” because they believe Trump has “ruined their vision of the GOP,” but found it puzzling how they’re “openly rooting for Democrats,” the party they opposed their entire careers.

However, the Media Buzz host floated a potential ulterior motive behind these Never Trumpers.

“It’s hard not to notice- I’m not saying this is their motivation, but it’s hard not to notice these defections bring them favorable publicity, MSNBC contracts, and new respect from the left,” Kurtz told Hegseth.

Kurtz expressed what “troubles” him is the “overheated rhetoric,” citing Boot’s recent column calling the GOP the “white nationalist party” and comparing them to postwar Germany and Japan that need to be “destroyed” in order to be “rebuilt.” He added that such columns from Never Trumpers “aren’t having much impact” on voters since Trump has a 90% approval rating among Republicans.

“So they’re in something of an echo chamber, I would say,” Kurtz said.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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