‘I’m Bored With Me, Too!’ Biden Deals With Crying 2-Year-Old By Dunking On Joe Biden


President Joe Biden drew laughs at a White House event when he responded to a crying toddler with a self-deprecating crack.

Biden hosted both NCAA basketball championship teams at the White House Friday — the University of Connecticut Huskies Men’s Basketball team and the Louisiana State University Tigers Women’s Basketball team (whose visit was the culmination of a controversial moment involving First Lady Dr. Jill Biden) — during separate events.

During the UConn event, the president was interrupted by a complaining toddler, and got a big laugh at his own expense:

THE PRESIDENT: You know — please, have a seat. Everybody but Blumenthal and Doug. (Laughter.) I’ve been trying to get them to stand for me for years. (Laughter.) For years.

Well, welcome to the White House, everybody. I really mean it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being here. And know — I tell you, it’s a really honor to have you all here.

And congratulations to the ni- — to 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions, the UConn Huskies! (Applause.)

Doug was going all through central America telling — talking about you guys.

And you got to stop getting in parades. (Laughter.) You know what I mean?

SECRETARY CARDONA: I’m back in action.

THE PRESIDENT: You’re back in action? (Laughter.) All right.

Well, we also have the first — the Second Gentleman here. “Second Gentleman” — that sounds ridiculous. This guy is a hell of a lawyer, and he gave up his practice so his wife could be Vice President of the United States of America. But he’s still (inaudible). (Applause.)

Well, I tell you what, Dick, your boys done it, man. And I want to thank everybody for being here today.

And members of — you know, we have a few people who went to UConn and kind of like it, you know? (Laughter.) I was telling the president of the university that when I was in school —

(Toddler crying in audience.)

That’s okay. Look, she’s allowed to do anything you want. (Laughter.) Kids rule in my house, okay? What’s the matter?


THE PRESIDENT: What’s the matter? (Laughter.) I don’t blame you. I’m bored with me, too. (Laughter and applause.) Yeah. How you doing?

How old is she?


THE PRESIDENT: Two years old. I tell you what — that’s a good age. (Laughter.) Hold her tight.

Well, at any rate, look, all kidding aside, when I was — when I was in college, I didn’t play basketball. I played football. But I did — and one of my best friends, a guy named Pete McLaughlin, and he played for Providence College — used to be competitive with you guys back 100 years ago. (Laughter.) And — but we always talked about Connecticut. And we had a couple great basketball players from the University of Connecticut from Delaware who happened to be women basketball All-Americans. (Applause.)

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