comScore Seth Meyers Rips Trump’s Military Parade: ‘So You’re Just Going Full Dictator Now’

Seth Meyers Rips Trump’s Military Parade: ‘So You’re Just Going Full Dictator Now’

On Wednesday night, Seth Meyers eviscerated President Trump for his desires to have a military parade in Washington D.C.

Reports broke this week that the president told the Pentagon that he wanted a parade like the one he witnessed in France when he visited for Bastille Day and that now it’s “being worked at the highest levels of the military.”

“So you’re just going full dictator now,” Meyers reacted. “Just ‘dick’ wasn’t enough.”

The Late Night host mockingly insisted they’ll be enough room for tanks on Pennsylvania Ave. judging from the lack of crowds in Trump’s Inaugural Parade.

“Man, you had your chance to be in the military and you dodged it,” Meyers told Trump. “If you want to hold a parade for something you yourself actively avoided, why not throw an IRS Parade or a Parade of Personal Trainers?”

Meyers poked fun at the reports that the Pentagon doesn’t even want the parade, noting Trump’s desires to include the military vehicles in his Inaugural Parade and when those plans were scrapped, someone in an internal email wrote “great news.”

“The Pentagon reacts to Trump the same way you react to a friend cancels a dinner you didn’t want to go to,” Meyers joked.

He also ridiculed the potential route of such a parade that would include passing by Trump International Hotel, to which Meyers hoped that “if the military was surrounding Trump Hotel, there would be a general with a bullhorn saying, ‘Come out, Mr. President! The game is up!'”

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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