Cliven Bundy: ‘Without the Militia and Without the Media, We Would Be Dead’

Hey, remember Cliven Bundy? The Nevada rancher who refused to pay grazing fees and got lots of media coverage until that awkward “uh-oh, racism” moment? Well, he’s back (ish). Speaking out in an interview with GQ, Bundy says that without the media and the militia members that flocked to his ranch, he’d be dead right now.

Zach Baron spoke with a few of the people on the Bundy ranch back when it was big in the news, and got some interesting quotes out of them, including “I don’t think many of us are gonna get out of here alive” and “Barbie likes G.I. Joe way more than Ken doll.”

But Bundy himself also spoke, saying that he wasn’t fearful because “I had God on my side.” But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t worried about what could have happened.

“Without the militia and without the media, we would be dead. Literally. We would be dead. Those people up there on that front line that faced those bullets would be dead without the media there. And they would be dead without the militia.”

Bundy got support from some conservatives in the media, but the second his racist remarks became public, everyone abandoned that sinking ship (well, maybe not everyone. Oh, and in the end Bundy ended up not suing the BLM anyway.

You can read the full GQ piece here.

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