Heartbroken: Dem Rep. Finds Out 24-Year-Old Model Is Not Actually His Daughter

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) and Victoria Brink have been in the news since this year’s State of the Union, during which the unmarried congressman was caught “creep-tweeting” the 24-year-old model whom he believed to be his daughter.

As it turns out: she’s not his.

Cohen was spotted tweeting a shorthand for “I love you” at the young model during this year’s SOTU, prompting the media to inquire about their relationship. Remember this photo?

He ultimately fessed up to his belief that she is his out-of-wedlock daughter with Cynthia White Sinatra. Paternity tests revealed on Thursday that she is not his offspring.

In a press statement, the congressman said he was “stunned” by the results, adding that he hopes they can continue their relationship. He later told CBS reporter Jan Crawford that he wasn’t sure they’d be able to carry on a friendship. “I loved her, I did everything in the world for her, tried to show her what I can of my world.” he said. “For three-and-a-half years, I had a daughter, and it was nice to care about somebody and share.”

Despite his non-paternity, Cohen believes his infamous State of the Union tweets were “most appropriate,” as he was trying to show more of his life to the woman he believed to be his daughter.

Sorry about the bad news, congressman.


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