Richard Sherman’s Post-Game Rant Brings Out Twitter’s Actual Racists and Morons

As everyone with a TV or an Internet connection is keenly aware Sunday evening, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman went on an incredibly impassioned post-game rant against rival 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree. The pair had been talking smack for a while, leading to a bunch of tense exchanges throughout the game itself.

Some found Sherman’s rant to be a bit too angry and perhaps un-sportsmanlike; others found it to be a perfectly natural response (and perhaps catharsis) after an undoubtedly tense battle.

Now, some might find using words like “angry” to describe Sherman’s rant to be “racist.” Expect a few truly eyeroll-worthy segments on a particular cable news network tomorrow suggesting that using the word “angry” or “tirade” or “vicious” or “mean-spirited” is, in fact, coded racism.

That being said, Sherman’s rant did bring out some actual racists from the gutters of Twitter. Take a look below. You’ll need to shower afterwards:

And it goes on and on and on and on.

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