Christian Farmers Sue Michigan Town For Banning Them From Farmers Market Over Marriage Views

‘She Was Immoral’: Christian School Stands by Choice Not To Let Pregnant Student Walk at Graduation

Pundits on Twitter Freak Out When Marco Rubio Posts Bible Verses

Former Obama Faith Director: Democratic Party Has ‘A Religious Illiteracy Problem’

‘A Bad Person Can Hide Behind a Good Religion’: Outnumbered Talks Reporting Suspicious Neighbors

NY Times Misunderstands Bible Verse, Thinks Republican Called for Gays to be Executed

WATCH: Arizona Pastor Celebrates the ‘Good News’ Of the Orlando Massacre (UPDATED)

Trump: Nobody (Except Me) Gets to Question Someone Else’s Religion

Pope Francis Suggests: Donald Trump ‘Is Not Christian’

Less Christian, More Political: How the National Prayer Breakfast Has Changed

Limbaugh: Why’s Obama a Christian If He’s ‘Constantly Denigrating’ Us and Praising Islam?

CO Parents Urged to Send Girls to ‘Wake Up Sleeping Beauty: Worship at His Feet’ Purity Training

Trump Says Religious Right Activist to Blame For ‘Two Corinthians’ Flub

Ben Carson Asks Christians to Take a Stand on Facebook

WaPo Columnist Fails Religion 101, Thinks Cruz Literally Wants Jesus’s Dead Body to Endorse Him

WATCH: Is Marco Rubio Running for President or Running a Mega-Church?

Obama Talks ‘Mean-Spirited Politics’ and How Fox Made Him ‘Scary’ in Interview with Author

Oregon Shooter Reportedly Asked People If They Were Christian Before Firing

Mike Huckabee: Obama ‘Pretends to Be’ a Christian

Some Orthodox Jews, Christians Claim Jimmy Carter’s Cancer Is Divine Punishment

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