Coulter Rips Into Mark Shields For Calling Her: ‘The Marie Antoinette of the Conservative Press Corps’

PBS commentator Mark Shields called Ann Coulter “The Marie Antoinette of the Conservative press corps” during a segment of Friday night’s Inside Washington, and he’s already received a sharp rebuke from Coulter.

During a discussion about Sen. Marco Rubio‘s views on immigration reform, Shields referenced a column Coulter wrote saying Rubio’s “amnesty” plan would be a “disaster.”

“Ann Coulter, the Marie Antoinette of the Conservative press corps,” Shields said, “has already come out against Marco Rubio saying that all you’re doing is creating more Democratic voters with a path to citizenship, just like you did with easy divorce in her judgment.”

Coulter took it upon herself to respond to Shields with a strongly-worded email Saturday, accusing him of getting his historical analogy wrong:

“I could write a book about what Mark Shields doesn’t know about French history. Wait, I already did! Using his ahistorical cliche, it’s the ‘Marie Antoinettes’ who demand that the rest of us support their nannies, maids and gardeners. If illegal aliens competed with rich yuppies, Senators and Washington journalists for jobs (instead of being their underpaid nannies, maids and gardeners), I don’t think people like Shields would be so excited about getting more of them here.”

Watch the video that set Coulter off below, via PBS:

(h/t NewsBusters)

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