Elie Honig Says ‘It Would Be a DISASTER For Donald Trump To Take the Stand’ After Ex-President Claims He Will


CNN chief legal analyst Elie Honig said Donald Trump taking the witness stand in his own defense would be ill-advised – to say the least.

During a radio interview on Wednesday, Hugh Hewitt asked the former president if he will testify in his federal trial in which he has been charged with willfully retaining classified documents after leaving office and obstructing the government’s efforts to retrieve them.

“So if you have to go to trial, will you testify in your own defense?” Hewitt asked.

“Oh, yes, absolutely,” Trump replied.

On Wednesday’s installment of The Source, Kaitlan Collins aired a clip of former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr saying it would be a bad idea for Trump to testify.

“I think it would not come out very well for him,” Barr told Collins in an interview last month. “I think he would be subject to very skilled cross-examination and I doubt he remembers all the different versions of events he’s given over the last few years.”

Collins asked Honig to weigh in.

“Would Trump need to take the stand to mount a defense?” she inquired. “Would he be able to do that without testifying?”

“He absolutely would not need to take the stand,” Honig replied. “I agree with Bill Barr there even though I wrote a book very critical of him. I think he’s absolutely right, that it would be a disaster for Donald Trump to take the stand. Important to know – no defendant has to do anything. We always say, ‘What’s the defense gonna be?’ Often, defendants put on no defense. They just say, ‘Your Honor, members of the jury, we don’t think the government has met its burden of proving this case beyond a reasonable doubt.'”

Watch above via CNN.

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