CNN’s David Chalian on State of the Democratic Primary After Sanders Victory in Nevada Caucus: ‘It’s Getting Late Early’


CNN electoral analyst David Chalian offered his assessment of the state of Democratic primary at the Nevada caucuses, which translates into increasingly difficult odds for the other Democratic candidates who are trying to beat the national polling frontrunner, Bernie Sanders: “It’s getting late early.”

After pointing out to anchor Wolf Blitzer that Sanders, for the first time, has taken a national delegate lead, thanks to his convincing victory in the Nevada caucus, Chalian explained how quickly the votes will come in the next few weeks.

“For the race to 1,991. There’s the number [of delegates] needed to win up in the upper right-hand corner. We’ve got a long way to go before anyone is in range of that,” Chalian said. But, moments later, he noted: “A third of the delegates are at stake on Super Tuesday. When Super Tuesday is done and we’ve counted, add in the first four states, 37% of the delegates will have been allocated and awarded. It’s getting late early.”

Blitzer then pressed him to elaborate.

“We are 10 days away from some of the biggest delegate prizes, from a third of the delegates being awarded,” Chalian said. “I know it feels very early in this process for folks. But the reason why you hear M.J. Lee reporting about a Michael Bloomberg adviser saying that Sanders may be on path here to build an impenetrable delegate lead is because we are right on it. We are 10 days away from that. Then add in March 10th, the next Super Tuesday, March 17th. By the end of March you’re going north of 60% of the delegates awarded. That’s what I mean by it’s getting late early. It’s only the beginning of this process. But massive amounts of delegates are about to be awarded.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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