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WATCH Hillary Clinton Dismissively Toss Aside an Unidentified 2020 Dem’s Name on The Tonight Show

During a Tonight Show appearance, Former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton summarily tossed aside a card with an unidentified Democratic candidate’s name on it, while playing a game where she shared universally positive “secrets” about her party’s 2020 hopefuls.

Playing along with a regular bit host Jimmy Fallon deploys called “Bag of Secrets,” Clinton began pulling out cards that had the names of former and still active 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on them. Without showing the names to Fallon or the audience, she then divulged some cryptic pieces of information about each one, leaving the audience to guess who she was referring to.

The first name she drew prompted her to recall a time where she and this person “were reprimanded for giggling on the sofa in the Oval Office.” Fallon later guessed, correctly, that Clinton was referencing former Vice President Joe Biden, with whom she served in the Obama administration.

Of the next name, Clinton said “this person delivered the state this person represented — represents to Joe Biden on Super Tuesday,” in a not-so-veiled reference to Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar.

“I think I know who she is,” Fallon replied.

“This person is a terrific public servant, speaker, dresser, dancer, you know, all-around really good person” Clinton said, giggling about the third name, in a likely allusion to the sartorially sharp and well-known groove shaker, California Senator Kamala Harris.

“This person is an incredibly talented person, young, but charismatic and dynamic and breaks barriers,” Clinton then said, pretty clearly talking about 38-year-old Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay candidate to run for president.

“Yeah, I think I…” Fallon began to say in recognition, as Clinton rifled through the bag once more, pulled out a tag stole a quick glance at the name and then immediately threw it over her head dismissively.

Fallon stunned, did a double take at the name now lying behind the couch and mouthed “Whaaaa?” while Clinton broke out laughing. “I wanna pick that one up right now! Wow!” he added. “Who was, what was…?!”

“These are all of the candidates including…” Fallon began to clarify.

“People who were in, people who still are in, yeah, and this is a…” Clinton answered.

“Including people that are up for…” Fallon followed up.

“Yup, people who are currently…” Clinton added, nodding her head at Fallon while giving a Cheshire grin.

“OK, OK, alright, alright, alright, I kind of saw that happening,” Fallon replied, finally comprehending which person Clinton was not going to be saying nice things about anytime soon.

Watch the video above, via NBC.

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