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‘Yes’: Elizabeth Warren’s One-Word Answer When Asked If She’d Accept Veep Nod from Biden

Senator Elizabeth Warren offered a up a rare bit of a candor for a possible vice presidential pick, giving MSNBC host Rachel Maddow a succinct and crystal clear answer on whether or not she’d accept an invite to be Joe Biden’s running mate: “Yes.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Warren had endorsed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in another show of unity in the party, just days after Biden’s last remaining rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, officially got behind the former vice president.

Speaking with Maddow about her relationship with Biden, the Massachusetts senator pledged her support in helping defeat President Donald Trump in the fall.

“I’m in this fight to help in any way I can,” Warren said. “But to help on the policy front, to help by getting out there and telling about it. Shoot, to help by telling people go to, pitch in your five bucks, send some texts, volunteer some time, because it is truly the case we are all in this now and we have seen the importance of having a leader that we can count on, in a crisis. It’s not Donald Trump. It’s Joe Biden.”

“If he asked you to be his running mate, would you say yes?” Maddow asked.

“Yes,” Warren responded, without hesitation — or elaboration.

Maddow absorbed this response, free from typically vague disclaimers or falsely modest attempts at focusing on “my constituents.”

I’m so happy you just gave me a concise answer to that. I’m going to let that sit there and resonate a second,” a broadly grinning Maddow said after a beat, before she then cut away to commercial.

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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