WATCH: Trailer For Final Season of House of Cards is Missing Someone…


After being repeatedly accused of sexual harassment and assault, actor Kevin Spacey was summarily dismissed from every acting gig he had on his plate late last year. This ended up canceling some projects and removing him from others via some late stage reshoots.

Then there was House of Cards. The political drama is largely considered to be Netflix’s first big success with original content, helping to pave the way for, well, like a billion other shows. Would they cancel it? Would they recast Spacey?

They did neither of those things. They carried the show on, for one final season, letting character Frank Underwood’s calculating wife, as played by Robin Wright, take the lead.

Now, the first trailer for the Wright-led season has dropped and, as expected, there isn’t a Spacey to be found.

There is, however, a lot of White House commotion and Wright standing in the Oval Office, announcing “We’re just getting started.”

Mediaite isn’t in the spoilers game, but suffice to say, there is a narrative precedent for this move.

It has yet to be announced if Spacey’s character would be killed off, kidnapped by aliens or, you know, just never mentioned again. The final season airs this fall on Netflix.

Watch above, via YouTube.

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